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If you are searching for a "GMC dealer near me," then Newton Chevy Buick GMC is the dealership for you. We offer professional-grade new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles at great prices. The modern GMC lineup has plenty of options, including crossovers, SUVs, trucks, and even electric vehicles. If you are looking for rugged and capable vehicles built by an all-American brand, then it is time to pay a visit to our dealership. Whether you're looking for a family vehicle, a commuter, an off-roader, or a truck for towing, Newton Chevy Buick GMC has you covered.

But our large inventory is far from the only reason why you should visit us. Here at Newton, we pride ourselves on being a part of our local community. Sure, you can purchase a vehicle from about anywhere, including through online dealerships. But rather than being connected to a nationwide call system where you never know who you're really speaking to, we provide a personal shopping experience with local staff who know what you need and why you need it.

A black 2021 Acadia is parked in a flat desert.

GMC Brand History

The GMC brand originated in 1912 when the first GMC truck appeared in a New York auto show. GMC only 372 trucks that first year, but it now produces over half a million vehicles annually. Like many American brands, GMC made a name for itself by producing military vehicles during World War II. In fact, GMC produced over 600,000 military trucks during the war, and GM continues to build military vehicles to this day. It was that experience that later helped the brand develop strong trucks for civilian use.

Originally known as the "General Motors Truck Company," GMC has been centered on commercial truck production from the very start. This is one reason why GMC trucks are so beloved and well-respected today. However, GMC expanded, eventually developing SUVs and personal pickups. There are now GMC trucks of all strengths and sizes, from the large heavy-duty Sierra all the way down to the smallest Canyon trim. This is why GMC eventually dropped "truck" from its name, helping them to expand fully into the SUV and van world.

Speaking of developing SUVs, the first GMC SUV was the GMC Suburban all the way back in 1937. Like many brands, GMC's models have undergone several changes over the years, and the GMC Suburban is now known as the GMC Yukon to help distinguish it from the Chevy Suburban. We know that this can get confusing, especially since GMC and Chevrolet models have always been closely related.

From the beginning, GMC and Chevy vehicles have appeared to be very similar. But while these two subsidiaries of GM share platforms and technology, they each have their own distinct spirit. While Chevy models tend to focus on providing no-frills transportation and an adventurous aura, GMC vehicles bring a higher level of luxury and quality. The apex of the GMC brand can be found in the high-end Denali models, which combine hard-working performance with all the comforts of a luxury vehicle. After years of innovation and experience, it's safe to say that if you're looking for powerful and aesthetically appealing SUVs or trucks, look no further than GMC.

Some GMC SUVs to Check Out

If you're searching for a GMC dealer near you, you're either looking for an SUV or a truck. So, let's take a look at all the options GMC has to offer. GMC's current SUV models include the Terrain, the Acadia, and the Yukon. The compact Terrain debuted in 2010 and comes in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive options. Even from its earliest trims, the Terrain has been able to achieve good gas mileage, and it can tow smaller loads such as four-wheelers and jet skis. The Terrain is a great option for those who don't need heavy work done and require more passenger space than a car can offer. Further, it will perform well in poor weather conditions such as rain, snow, or ice.

The midsize Acadia first came out in 2007. This model comes with three rows of seats for more passenger space and offers more powerful engine options. Generally speaking, the Acadia is the better option if you have a growing family and need the extra seats. However, its larger cargo area and higher towing capacity mean that it can also be a good choice for active individuals who require more from their SUV.

The king of GMC SUVs is the Yukon. If you want the power of a truck with the passenger and cargo space of an SUV, the Yukon is ideal. This body-on-frame model comes with a standard V8 engine, plenty of torque and horsepower, and you can get it in either rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive configurations. The Yukon is GMC's largest SUV option, although look for the Yukon XL variant for maximum passenger and cargo space. Overall, the Yukon is ideal if you want something large and powerful that can handle diverse driving conditions.

Finally, there's a new SUV option in the GMC lineup now. The Hummer EV is a powerful, electric SUV that offers incredible off-road performance. While you might not associate electric vehicles with off-roading, the Hummer EV is out to prove you wrong. You'll get up to 1,000 horsepower with this monster, delivered through up to three electric motors. If you're looking for power and you're feeling futuristic, this is a great model to look into.

A silver 2022 GMC Hummer EV is shown from the rear while driving on a snowy mountain trail.


GMC Truck Options

There are three GMC truck options. Let's start by looking at the smaller, more casual option - the midsize GMC Canyon. Like the Acadia, the Canyon first came out in 2007. This truck model is smaller, meaning that it'll get better mileage than larger trucks do. That said, it can tow and haul more than you might expect, making the Canyon the perfect choice for anyone who doesn't require a full-size truck. You can get a Canyon in either two-door or four-door options and in either two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. These pickup trucks are ideal for someone who isn't doing any heavy-duty trailering but who needs something more powerful and handy than a car.

The full-sized GMC Sierra 1500 is the perfect sized truck for most drivers. You can get it in multiple engine choices, including powerful V8 and diesel options. These models come in several different cab and bed sizes, and you can get them in two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. This model is capable of towing average-sized trailers and items, and it can definitely handle more weight than the Canyon, but it's not ideal if you're concerned with hauling farm equipment and other heavy trailer loads. The Sierra 1500 is spacious both in the cab and in its bed. This model is ideal if you're less concerned with high amounts of power and more interested in spaciousness and the pickup truck aesthetic.

The largest available GMC truck is the Sierra HD. This heavy-duty vehicle may share a name with the Sierra 1500, but it is built on a more rugged chassis and has more powerful engines. A V8 comes standard, and the available diesel in the 2021 Sierra 3500 HD can tow all the way up to 35,500 pounds. Needless to say, this truck is ideal for farmers and others who need serious towing power. While pulling average-sized boats or ATVs will not take a lot of strength, loaded cattle trailers, heavy equipment, houseboats, and campers take a lot more power. The Sierra HD is ideal for this sort of hauling. If you're looking for the most powerful truck option, the Sierra HD is worth test driving.

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About Our Dealership

Here at Newton Chevrolet Buick GMC, we pride ourselves on being the best in customer service. At our dealership, you'll get the Newton Advantage, which includes a free lifetime warranty and one year of free maintenance on your new vehicle. This unique advantage helps you start your car-buying experience off on the right foot, secure in the knowledge that the team here at Newton has your back whatever happens.

When you are shopping with us, you can take advantage of the Newton Fastpass to discover, test drive, and purchase a new vehicle without ever leaving the comfort of your home. We understand that life is busy, and it can be hard to make it to our dealership if you have a 9 to 5 job or are a full-time caretaker. Through Newton Fastpass, you can check your financing options and apply for financing through our dealership, value your trade, place a down payment, and even scan necessary documents to avoid hours of in-person paperwork.

The best part of Newton Fastpass is that we will even deliver vehicles to your location of choice at no extra cost. Basically, you can do as much or as little as you want through our online services. Those who prefer a personal contact will still have access to one, and we always welcome you to visit our dealership in person to meet our staff and explore our extensive inventory of new and used vehicles. It's just that this way, you can choose how much interaction you want to have with our personnel.

Newton Chevy Buick GMC is also happy to service your vehicles. Whether you've bought from us or not, we want to serve you. Simply visit our servicing center online to find out more about our OEM parts and the services that we offer. Regularly scheduled maintenance appointments can help detect minor issues before they become a major problem, and we can quickly fix any issues that we find. This reduces wear and tear on your vehicle and can potentially save you from being left stranded on the side of the road.

Experts in GMC and Our Customers

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Whether we’re servicing your GMC vehicle or helping you find your next new or used GMC, you can trust us. We’re experts when it comes to GMC, and that translates to helping you find the right vehicle to fit your needs. The Newton Chevrolet Buick GMC team has many years of experience, and that comes with knowing GMC vehicles thoroughly. Whether you need a full-size SUV to fit the whole family or you need the most fuel-efficient vehicle to commute to work, we will guide you on the perfect option for your budget.

Expertise has to go hand in hand with excellent customer service. Without serving you well, there’s no point in trying to succeed in this industry. At Newton Chevrolet Buick GMC, we’ve built our business on being experts on our vehicles and being experts in customer service that makes you want to come back. We saw that our customers wanted a more personal, more transparent car buying process, so we have done everything we can to improve the car buying process to make it work for you. We vow to make purchasing your next GMC vehicle efficient, honest, and fun.

When we change your experience, we ensure that you experience the honesty, integrity, and teamwork that our company is backed on. This dedication to our customers translates to everything you will encounter at Newton Chevrolet Buick GMC. From our knowledgeable sales team, user-friendly website, Newton Fastpass, and booming inventory of vehicles, you will see that we’re more than just experts in GMC; we care deeply for our community.

Whether you’re just starting your vehicle search or have constantly been researching for months, we will meet you where you’re at. We can give you as much or as little guidance as you need in choosing your next GMC vehicle. We invite you to continue your search on our website. It’s easy, informative, and the only website you need to find your next vehicle. You can filter your search to any of your wish list items, as well as price, mileage, model year, and more. Trust the experts at Newton Chevrolet Buick GMC to find your next GMC vehicle!

Only GMC Factory-Trained Service Technicians

When the time comes for your GMC’s routine maintenance or service, you should be very specific about who you trust with your vehicle. Don’t just go to any mom-and-pop repair shop! Trust the people that are factory trained to do the work your GMC vehicle requires. Not only does our service center feature certified service technicians, our entire offering for service and maintenance goes above and beyond. This is what sets us apart from the other repair and service shops.

We always want you to feel special as a GMC vehicle owner. That’s why we offer the GMC Complete Care program. This is an owner benefit program that specializes in giving you the best service for your GMC vehicle. Any kind of service you need for your GMC vehicle, from oil changes to engine replacements, our certified and trained team can handle it with ease. Our goal is to help keep your GMC vehicle running like new.

A multi-point vehicle inspection is crucial to protect your vehicle in the long run and stay ahead of any pending issues. Our factory-trained service technicians are experts in your GMC vehicle and will give you trustworthy and factual results from your inspection. When your GMC is ready for an oil change, we use the specific type of oil your GMC needs to thrive and will complete the service visit efficiently. While you’re here, go ahead and have a tire rotation completed!

At some point in your GMC’s lifetime, you will need to have the tires replaced. We specialize in tires made for your GMC vehicle, so you can trust that they will be selected and replaced correctly. Whenever you run into issues with your battery or brakes, it’s important to seek assistance for those vehicle components immediately. Our team will recommend exactly what you need that will keep your vehicle and family safe.

For other parts you may need for your GMC vehicle, we are proud to offer genuine OEM parts. When you order a part from just a Google search, you can’t be certain of its quality or fit to your GMC vehicle. Ordering your parts and accessories from our certified parts center will ensure you are receiving exactly what you need at a fair price and high quality. For all of your service and parts needs, schedule your visit on our website today!

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Financing Options That Make Sense

In this day and age, there are lots of options to finance your next vehicle. Financing terms and rates are competitive and flexible to give you the right payment for your monthly budget. Our top-notch financing teams know how to get the ideal financing to allow you to take home your dream GMC vehicle. We’re experts in this field and go out of our way to make it happen for you. Just like with the car buying process, we aim to change your experience with car financing as well.

Our financing team works with many different banks. This means there are options to find the right fit for you. You can start your financing process right from your home. Even if you haven’t decided on a vehicle yet. Applying for financing online will help our team start working on your file right away. Then when you’ve chosen your GMC vehicle and are ready to drive off, we will have everything ready for you to sign and go over your financing options.

Even if you’re taking advantage of our Newton Fastpass program, you can still get the same level of quick and expert service when we’re communicating mainly online. If you’re considering trading in your current vehicle to go towards the purchase of your next GMC, you can value your trade right from our website. Again, this gets the ball rolling and allows our team to begin working behind the scenes for you. No matter how you’re looking to purchase your new or used Buick, we have the right financing option for you. Visit our website or come see us today at Newton Chevrolet Buick GMC to start the process.

The Only GMC Dealer You Need

Without a doubt, you have many options about where to purchase a new or pre-owned GMC vehicle. Not every dealer will provide you with a high-quality inventory and treat you with the respect you deserve. You are always safe to trust our team at Newton Chevrolet Buick GMC. We have a growing inventory of new and used GMC vehicles that will fit any style, need, and budget. We do more than just selling cars, though. Our certified service center is staffed with factory-trained technicians, and our finance department is filled with experts to completely change your experience with the car industry.

If you’re ready to take home a new or pre-owned GMC vehicle, start your vehicle search on our website or stop by our dealership to test-drive the GMC of your dreams. We’ll walk you through every step of the process, from researching cars to the financing options to every service visit. It is our joy to serve you, and we look forward to watching you drive off in your next GMC.

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